The Barrier of Entry

economist-using-tech-to-overcome-barriers-to-entryDescribing a discussion forum to someone who has never used one is usually quite easy. The concept of a discussion forum, especially one that speaks to one’s interests, can easily incite enthusiasm and interest. However when the technical and logistical hurdles come into play for actually joining one, the less tech inclined may get turned off to the idea before they ever make it through the front door.

Bouncing between forum registration and your email inbox tabs in a browser while waiting to click on a confirmation email link may be business as usual for anyone experienced in signing up for accounts online, but even then the process is not ideal. While Tapatalk ID with single sign-on makes this process a lot easier, the ratio of information gathering and ease of registration is a balancing act for some forums. As described in our recent feature spotlight, custom fields have been enabled as an option for forum owners to integrate into their registration process. While single-sign-on takes care of the authenticity of a registrant, custom fields open up some unique possibilities to gather some quick info before your forum experience begins.

What constitutes a good balance between requiring multiple forms of information and verification and a registration process that is as quick as possible? We’d like to hear from users and forum owners alike.

  • How many questions/fields are acceptable before it is considered too many?
  • Should demographic questions be kept to a minimum?
  • Should custom questions only pertain to the specific subject matter of the forum?
  • What are the main pain points of signing up for forums currently?

We’d love to hear from you here so forum owners and users can both get their ideas into the same arena.

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