Tapatalk SEO and Monetization Update

In the past year, we’ve added Google AdMob and DFP support in Tapatalk Mobile App and BYO (Branded App) that provide full advertising control at no cost to you. Today, we’re announcing similar support for Tapatalk users accessing their feed at Tapatalk.com.


Tapatalk.com provides content preview in News Feed and Notification with direct linking to your website. Tapatalk.com is designed to be similar to Pinterest –  intelligently aggregating preview content form network of websites.  

We are including the ability to monetize the impressions at Tapatalk.com by adding the option for you to include an AdSense banner using your AdSense Client ID.  And in the next few weeks, we will also be adding DFP support.

Insert your AdSense ads on the page


To insert your AdSense ad, login to Tapatalk Dashboard, choose the site, then select Monetization Settings and you can include your AdSense tag that will be displayed on the new page.

Tapatalk.com and SEO

Tapatalk.com is similar to Google News – it is not a forum reader and it only shows a preview of posts. One of Tapatalk’s objectives is to find new ways to drive traffic to your forum and continue to develop new ad placement opportunities for site owners. Tapatalk.com creates an additional search result in Google’s Search Engine Result Page that provides an additional link to back your site. Here are some of the highlight of the SEO:

  • The additional listing is similar to an additional link from Pinterest, with additional recommended topics from your forums – and the additional link is not considered duplicative content.
  • The listing will always be below the result direct from your site.
  • If the person searching clicks on the link, they will see a snippet of your content on Tapatalk.com, the entire preview area is linked to “see more” button to redirect to your site
  • These pages are strictly to drive forum discovery and is not a forum reader to replace your website.
  • We are providing this page as an opportunity to increase traffic and revenue
  • You can disable this feature at any time, or request to remove any specific pages at any time.

Is this new feature Opt-In or Opt-out by default?

All sites can enable or disable these pages at anytime, by logging to tour Tapatalk Dashboard>Site Settings>Monetization Settings.  This is also where you can place your AdSense information.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.24.00 PM

These are the forums that will have Tapatalk.com disabled, and you will have to login to enable Tapatalk.com:

  • All Paid Tiers (both Enterprise and Premium)

These are the forums that will have the page enabled, and you will to to login to disable the Tapatalk.com pages:

  • All Free tier sites that have mobile ads disabled, will have the page displayed without advertising
  • All Free tier sites that have Tapatalk advertising will have an ad from Tapatalk, and you will generate the revenue from the ads

We hope to find this feature useful in helping you to get more traffic from us, and for potential new users to discover your content. If you have question about this feature, email us at support@tapatalk.com or submit a support ticket for a faster response.

Thank you,

Tapatalk Team



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