Serve your ads on Tapatalk using DFP

During the summer, we have been gathering feedback from Site Owners and monitoring comments about ways to improve Tapatalk.  And based on the feedback, we have been busy working on a number of improvements.  We are excited to share the first of several new features with you.

Introducing the ability to serve your ads through DFP on Tapatalk

I’m sure many of you have followed the news of Apple, with the release of iOS 9, allowing Ad-Blocking apps.  The apps are blocking ads on mobile web sites, but not in apps.  Here is a recent write-up in MacWorld.  Ad blockers on mobile sites could have a big impact on many sites revenue generation.

The good news Tapatalk provides a couple of monetization options.  Just about two years ago, Tapatalk introduced advertising so that Site Owners could monetize impressions of their content viewed on Tapatalk.  In that time, we have been increasing CPM, and earlier this year introduced Native Ads format.  

We also have been hearing from some site owners that they wanted more control over advertising in Tapatalk.

Good news!  Starting this week, you can now insert your own DFP tags and have your ads served when users view your content on Tapatalk.  We are going to support serving either 300X250 or 320X50 ad units.  Initially, DFP ads will only be available for forums, and in the near future, also include blogs and RSS feeds in Tapatalk.

Serving ads through DFP is available to all sites and there is no costs from Tapatalk in serving the ads. (Doubleclick ad serving fees may apply)

For me details, see this Knowledge Base article.


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