Driving Retention Through Enhanced Member Emails

We all know how challenging and costly it can be to attract new users to your communities.  As such, each acquired user is critical to the growth or development of communities.  In order to retain them, we continuously strive to provide great content and experiences that your users that cannot find elsewhere, specifically through depth of information, the sense of community and useful feature sets.

It’s with user retention in mind that we are rolling out Enhanced Member Emails as a beta option for forum communities.  Enhanced Member Emails are HTML versions of current plain-text emails sent to members, such as welcome, new replies in a subscribed thread, private message notifications and other emails.  They strictly use the community’s identity, are designed to improve readability and, ultimately, drive clicks back to the forum community on both desktop or mobile.  From our tests, we can expect to see at least two times click thru rates versus plain-text emails.  Here’s how Enhanced Member Emails look for various forum systems:


For forum systems that currently send plain-text emails, members will receive Enhanced Member Emails using this design.




For Xenforo systems that are already sending HTML emails, we simply enable optimized viewing on Tapatalk for users on mobile devices.

For the initial beta, we are rolling out this feature for “new replies in a subscribed thread” emails only.  Based on your feedback and results, we will continue to tweak and also apply these to other member emails.  To get started, simply update to the latest Tapatalk plugin here and we’ll take care of the rest.  You can always disable this feature in your Tapatalk dashboard if plain-text emails are working for you, but we hope you’ll find Enhanced Member Emails a great tool for retaining your users and growing your community!

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Tapatalk Goes Classic – Introducing Tapatalk 5

5 is a great number. 5-star hotels, 5.0-liter Mustangs, and now Tapatalk 5.0. Here are 5 highlights we think you’ll appreciate:

  1. New forum nav slide bar: It is now much easier to navigate back and forth from different sections in Forum Home view – you can now tap the icon at the top-right to open a forum action/navigation to mark as read, check notifications, messages and more.


  1. Subforum navigation: Here it is–a return to classic Subforum browsing–just go to Forum Home view, tap ‘Subforums’, and see a full list immediately.


  1. Better Font Size: We have rewritten the font size on all screens–it’s now bigger and much easier to read.


  1. Faster and more responsive: We’ve done lots of work under the hood to improve load times and responsiveness.
  1. Don’t Forget the Night Reading Mode: Because dark is cool. Customize the look and feel the way you want it.


Thanks for being a member of the community, and we hope you continue to use the app and provide feedback. Enjoy your summer!

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Following Forums – An Update

A while back, we wrote a blog post about a new feature designed to reduce the friction in new user registration and to drive real, authentic memberships and traffic to forum communities. As a quick recap of that post, “Following” a forum allowed users to register for the forum using our Single-Sign On (SSO) technology. To ensure we send real users, we use a combination of Facebook/Google Plus registration, a two-step email confirmation process and our StopForumSpam database to authenticate each new user in Tapatalk.
Since the release of this feature, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from forum owners in the amount of increased user traffic and engagement they’ve received as a result.  We also heard concerns from a number of owners about issues of duplicate memberships (i.e. existing forum members who created new Tapatalk accounts). Based on this feedback, we are taking a more balanced approach to how we drive new user memberships to forums. Here’s what we updated:

  • We revised our algorithm so that each time a user follows a forum, we are smarter about knowing whether the user is an existing forum member and will no longer automatically sign them up to the forum.  An example is when a user follows a forum after explicitly searching for that forum during new user onboarding or in the Explore view.  For this case, the user will not be automatically registered to the forum.
  • Rather than automatic registration, a Tapatalk user will be presented with a Sign Up/Log In screen the first time the forum is visited

This approach should reduce the number of duplicate memberships, while continuing to drive new memberships and traffic to forum communities. If you are a forum owner, expect a drop in new memberships from Tapatalk compared to the number of new members over the last few months. The updated algorithm and user experience is already live for Android users and will soon be available on iOS.
We are focused on making Tapatalk great and a useful platform for our users and forum owners. This is just one example of listening to your feedback and improving Tapatalk. There’s lots more improvements and new features coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Community Chat with Tapatalk and CometChat

Many communities use chat as a way to engage members, and CometChat has been a leader in providing chat platforms to forums. We having been working with CometChat to extend Chat for members to seamlessly get in touch–whether they are on desktop, mobile or Tapatalk.

Benefits to you

  • Strengthen community bonds by increasing interaction among members
  • Boost your user retention with the help of our push notifications feature. Keep users engaged in conversations and coming back for more!
  • Features of Tapatalk Chat
  • Enable your users to talk to each other in real-time and keep the conversations flowing
  • Members can use Emojis in their conversations
  • Share images with members in the forum, easily and quickly
  • Communicate from wherever and whenever! Chat works seamlessly in the desktop browser and the Tapatalk app
  • Get push notifications whenever you receive message
  • Block/unblock unwanted users and stop receiving messages from them
  • Free!


If you have CometChat installed on your site and would like to participate in this free Beta, go to  http://www.cometchat.com/tapatalk  for more information and sign-up.

Enjoy the combined power of CometChat and Tapatalk and enable your users to chat using your site and through Tapatalk.


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Introducing your SEO Dashboard

SEO Dashboard

Content from forums is rich and detailed, and as a result, consistently ranks well in Google’s organic results. Having your content ranked highly in Google results has become vital in attracting new members (as well as in getting old members to come back) to your forum.

In March, 2015, Google sent out an important message about pending changes to their ranking algorithm. You can see the announcement here.

There are two key takeaways from the announcement:

  1. Have a mobile-friendly site

  2. Sites with indexed-app content will get a boost  (we can help with this one)

To help you understand if your content is being properly indexed in Tapatalk, we are introducing an SEO Dashboard. You can use the dashboard to take action and/or confirm that your content in Tapatalk is indexed by Google. (BTW – only publicly available content is indexed. If the content is not public, it will not get indexed)

The Dashboard is in Beta and will be rolled out in phases beginning in late June, 2015.  You can see our Knowledge Base for a step-by-step guide to the Dashboard.

You will be able to login to your Tapatalk Dashboard and check out your SEO Dashboard. In just two clicks (send verification, approve verification) and a couple weeks of time, you can begin to improve your SEO rankings.

The Dashboard will be rolled out in phases beginning late June.



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Android Upgraded and Updated

With our iOS update complete, we’re following up with a new release for our Android users. After hearing and listening to feedback from users, partners, testers, friends, family and pets, we are excited to announce 4 key features on the latest Tapatalk release!

1) Improved Navigation: We’ve added clear, prominent buttons so that you can quickly post new content any time. In addition, we moved the navigation sidebar on Android to the left to mirror the system look and feel.
Android Upgraded improved nav 1 small

2) Subscribe to Topics and Subforums at Header: Just tap the star on the main header to receive notifications when people reply to your favorite topics (just make sure you have your push notifications on).

Android Upgraded subscribe to topics small

3) Easy Subforum View: You can now see all your subforums in one place–the slider that lets you choose how to navigate your forums.
Android Upgraded easy subforum view 3 small

4) Push Group Settings: Receiving too many alerts for a discussion you subscribed to? Just enable Subscription Grouping in Settings >> Push Notifications to get one daily notification for all your subscriptions.
Android Upgraded push group setting 4 small

We’ve been hard at work with these updates and look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to write us at support@tapatalk.com. We read all emails and do our best to reply 🙂

The Tapatalk Team

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Updated Website and Introducing our Knowledge Base

Updated Site and Introducing Knowledge Base

We just released an updated look to the Tapatalk website and hope you check it out! In addition to a cleaner, more contemporary style, we made it easier to find the information you need to activate and update your Tapatalk Plug-In. Navigate to the Activate Tapatalk page, and you will find Plug-In files, Change Logs, and step-by-step instructions to install or update your Plug-In.

We also updated the Support tab, adding a Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base will help you quickly find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

If you cannot find the answer to your issue, the support page has a link to file a Support Ticket. Filing a ticket is the quickest way for us to research and return an answer specific to your forum. We aim to answers all tickets within 3-5 business days.

Of course, we will continue to monitor and respond to questions in our self-help Support Community. You’re always welcome to ask questions and provide valuable feedback. Please resist the temptation to file both a support ticket and a support forum post on the same issue; doing so slows down our response time for the whole community. We prioritize answering support tickets.

Thanks for your continued support of Tapatalk! We hope you enjoy these latest updates.

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Preview of iOS 4.0

We’re working hard to make Tapatalk the best way to stay connected to your forums. After listening to your feedback, we’ve made plenty of improvements and think you’re going to love Tapatalk 4.0 for iOS. Here’s a few of the key features that will be in this release:

Improved Notifications Tab

iOS 4.0 improved nav 1 small

We improved your Notifications tab with event groupings. Now, all your Messages, Events Related to You, and Subscriptions are in separate tabs so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

Customize Forum Home

iOS 4.0 customize forum home 2 small

Interested mostly in your Subscribed discussions in one forum and Timeline discussions in another? Customize your forum sections in each Forum Home view, so that you can read the discussions you want, when you want!

Clickable Forum Logo

iOS 4.0 cliclable logo 3 small

There’s now a really easy way navigate to your favorite forum — just click on the forum logo from your Feed!

Push Group Settings

push group settings iphone frame

Receiving too many alerts for a discussion you subscribed to? Just enable Subscription Grouping in Settings > Push Notifications to get one daily notification for all your subscriptions.

In addition to these featured updates, there’s a bunch of additional improvements we’ve made. Check out Tapatalk 4.0 today and shoot us an email to let us know what you love or what can be improved: support@tapatalk.com (We’ll review all suggestions and do our best to reply).

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Changes to Login with Google+ for iOS Users

For Tapatalkers that use your Google Account to login to Tapatalk, we wanted to provide you advance notice of changes to the Tapatalk login process.

As app updates are submitted to the App Store, Apple is requiring that apps open without jumping to a mobile browser. This impacts all users and apps that use their Google Account for Single Sign-On (unless the Google+ App is installed on their Apple device). As a result, we needed to make changes to the Tapatalk login process.

What’s Changing

In our next update, the opening screen will have options to login with Facebook or Email and will no longer have the Google Account option.  You will see this change if you logout of Tapatalk.

03_Changes to Google+ SSO-iOS_Email04_Changes to Google+ SSO-iOS_Email

If you tap the Login with email option and have the Google+ app installed on your phone, you will see the option to login with your Google Account. If you do not have the Google+ app installed, then you will have the option to login with either Facebook or your email account.  You can continue to login using your Gmail account, but you will need to reset your Tapatalk password.  You can find a link to reset your password in the Log In screen.

Install the Google+ App

If you want to continue to enjoy the convenience of Single Sign-On with your Google Account, download the Google+ App.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change at the App store may cause you, and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy all your favorite forums on Tapatalk.

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Google Search Results On Android

On 16, April, 2015, Google announced that they may prompt users to install mobile apps that feature content relevant to their search query. You can find the post Google Webmaster Post here. This only impacts searches on Android, but Rajan Patel, a Google principal engineer on the team responsible for this project, was quoted as saying his team is looking at how it can grow this project beyond Android

When content from your site is relevant to a search done on Google on Android devices, people may start to see app install buttons for Tapatalk in search results. Tapping these buttons will take them to the Google Play store where they can install Tapatalk, then continue straight on to the right content within Tapatalk.

Here is a screenshoot from the Google post that demonstrates how the search results and app install prompt will appear.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.17.50 AM


What does this mean for Sites in Tapatalk?

The good news is that your content is indexed by Google in Tapatalk, and according to Google, “ we [Google] are starting to use App Indexing as a ranking signal for all users on Android.” Google said, “with the addition of these install links, we are starting to use App Indexing as a ranking signal for all users on Android, regardless of whether they have an app [Tapatalk] installed or not.” This means your content is being ranked higher because your content is in Tapatalk.

While some searchers will opt to install Tapatalk to view the content, many will continue to view the content on their mobile browser. As a result of of your content in Tapatalk, you benefit from the higher search rankings. Additionally, if a searcher does opt to view the content on Tapatalk, those impressions will generate you ad revenue from Tapatalk.

The great content in forums has also indexed well in Google, and having your great content indexed in Tapatalk will now give those rankings an additional boost in mobile search.

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