Will I Lose Revenue Over My Browser Based Forum?

Tapatalk is a supplementary and optional service for your members – as people spend more time on their mobile devices, Tapatalk enables your members to more easily stay connected and participate in your community. With this increased level of participation, Tapatalk provides monetization through highly relevant mobile ads. Our “Sponsored Topic” native ads and banner placements at the end of threads provide a good balance of user experience and competitive monetization. With similar sized audiences, our monetization opportunities can exceed the earning potential of traditional web channels.

You can track your earnings through the Tapatalk Monetization Dashboard. The more of your members that use Tapatalk on their phones during times when they are unable to log-in through their desktops, the more you’ll earn on top of your traditional browser based forum. In addition to ads, Tapatalk also converts your links so you can earn money from eBay, Amazon, and other affiliate networks.