What are Native Ads in Tapatalk?

Let’s start with the definition of native advertising: native ads match the visual design of the experience they live within, and look and feel like natural content.

Search advertising, such as Google’s Adwords, popularized the idea of native advertising. The ads at the top and right rail live within the search results, and look and feel like organic search results. The distinction is the shaded box around the ads.

Native ads are becoming commonplace on mobile. A sampling of the companies that monetize using native ads on mobile include:


Facebook reported that in Q4 2014 69% of its $3.6 billion in advertising revenue came on mobile devices, and most of the advertising was native.

Tapatalk implemented native ads, or ‘Promoted Posts,’ in early 2014. Some of you may have seen the Promoted Post in an ad for Chevy Silverado. We will soon be expanding the use of native ads, first in the U.S., and then internationally. Below are some screenshots of sample native ads in Tapatalk, all designated as a Promoted Post by the green arrow up.

iphone_nativead1 iphone_nativead2


We are very conscious of the need to balance user experience and monetization, and will be placing frequency caps on the number of native ads a user will see in a session. We also hope that a successful test will result in increasing payouts to Forum Owners.

Native Ads are currently running in the US, CA, AU, NZ, and most EU countries and will continue to expand internationally as demand from advertisers increases.