What are my choices in Link Affiliation settings and revenue?

As a forum owner, you have several choices. All settings can be viewed/changed in the Tapatalk Admin Control Panel. Go to Monetization Tab and open the box for Monetization Settings. If you have multiple forums, you can change settings by forum. Select the forum whose settings you want to change from the drop down box.
By default, the Link Affiliation is set to Tapatalk. Tapatalk passes 100% of the revenue earned from the links back to your forum. To receive payment, you must earn at least $5 in combined link and advertising revenue in a single month, and you will need to complete the required information in the Payment Info tab.

You can also elect to enter your account information, and receive the revenue direct from the Link Affiliation partner. We have three Link Affiliation Partners.

  • VigLink – Enter your Viglink API key. All your reporting will now be enabled through your Viglink Dashboard. In your dashboard, you can pull reports for “Tapatalk Site.” If you have any questions on Viglink reporting, contact support@viglink.com
  • SkimLinks – For SkimLink, follow the same process as Viglink
  • AdGoal – For all communities based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we added the option to monetize links through AdGoal. To obtain your AdGoal API key, please follow the link in the Tapatalk dashboard to the AdGoal site.
  • Disable Links – If you prefer not to have any link affiliation, click the disable button.

If you changed your settings, Remember to click Save

Your link revenue from Tapatalk will be displayed in the Payment Table at the bottom of the monetization tab. If you selected to monetize directly from our other partners, your revenue will come directly from the partner and the information will not be included in your Payment Table.