How do I receive payments from my ad earnings?

One of the benefits of Tapatalk is monetization of impressions when users view your Forum on Tapatalk.  Tapatalk process earnings about 45 days from the end of the month.  For example, we will process earnings for the month or January around the 15th of March.  Payments are only made through PayPal.  (We do not have alternative payment processing option.)

To receive payment, you must earn a minimum of $5 in combined link and advertising revenue.  Any amount under $5 does not accrue.

We also need you to complete the required information located in the “Payment Info” tab.  Information includes your PayPal email, and confirmation if you are a US based company, or based outside the US.  For US companies, we also need information to complete a 1099 (Tax ID, address, etc.)

If you have earnings over $5, and have not updated your payment information (including the 1099 information for US companies) your earnings will remain in pending until the information is completed.  As soon as the required Payment Information tab is complete, we will process payments, including any back payments, on the 15th of the month.