How do I serve my own ads on Tapatalk?

On Tapatalk, you have the option to have Tapatalk provide monetization through native ads, or you can serve your own ads through DFP tags.  Tapatalk does not impose any costs or fees to serve your DFP ads.

Before you change settings, please see this Support Forum entry on how to setup your DFP ad unit.

Support  – How to setup DFP Ad Unit

To change your settings, login to Tapatalk Dashboard>Monetization Dashboard.  By Default, the settings are enabled for advertising supplied by Tapatalk.

  1. Go to your Tapatalk Dashboard, and select the site and navigate to the Monetization Settings tab.
    1. You can disable the Tapatalk ads.  You can also keep Tapatalk ads enabled and still serve your ads.
    2. If you have both DFP ads and Tapatalk ads, priority will always will be given to your DFP ads, and Tapatalk will only be served as “backfill” if a DFP ad is not returned.
  2. You can elect to serve your ads through DFP
    1. Change radio button to enable DFP ads
    2. Select one of the four options for displaying the ads
    3. Insert your Ad Unit IDs for the sizes you selected
    4.  Remember to click Save Changes.

It will be a few hours before the servers update and you begin to see ads.

Ad Settings