Can I Insert My AdSense Code with Tapatalk?

There are serval reasons why Adsense is not supported. But before going into explaining why, let’s clarify what Adsense and Admob is.

– There is no AdSense for Mobile Apps, only desktop browsers.
There is only AdMob For Mobile Apps:

– There is AdSense for Mobile Web (mobile browsers). But Tapatalk is a mobile app, so this solution doesn’t apply. While adding a simple Web View and putting an Adsense banner in there could solve the issue, doing so would actually violate your Google Adsense agreement and your account may be suspended.

– While Tapatalk can add AdMob to show banners to users, this implementation has been tried and did not provide the functionality and results our users would expect. We have discontinued it due to the fact that the AdMob system does not support multiple publishers within a single app (Tapatalk), and although the banners are shown, the eCPM will be set to almost $0.

While we do not want to give the impression that this is only a technical problem, we hope to educate everyone as it is an industry wide problem:

The Good News

– Tapatalk offers monetization, with a guaranteed fixed CPM for forum owners.  (As of March, 2015, we are paying a $1.50 CPM for US based impressions).  Tapatalk uses are variety if ad networks, exchanges and direct advertisers.  Our goal is to monetize that is competitive with the rates you earn on your desktop traffic, and far exceed what you earn using AdMob (or even AdSense) 

– We also support VigLink and Skimlink, and for forums based in Germany, Ad Goal.   Forum Owners can earn link revenue through Tapatalk, or use their own API key/Publisher ID accounts.  

Monetization options on Tapatalk are designed so you aren’t losing anything when your users choose to access your community through mobile. Also as more of your users transition to using mobile devices on their own, we are there to help you earn as much, if not more through mobile compared to traditional web channels.