A guide to your SEO Dashboard

In March, 2015, Google sent out an important message about pending changes to their ranking algorithm. You can see the announcement here.

There are two key takeaways from the announcement;

  1. Have a mobile-friendly site, and
  2. Sites whose content is an an indexed app will get a boost.

To help you understand if your content is being properly indexed in Tapatalk, we are introducing an SEO Dashboard.  You can use the dashboard to take action and/or confirm that your content in Tapatalk is indexed by Google.  (BTW – only publicly available content is indexed.  If the content is not public, it will not get indexed)

The Dashboard is in Beta, and will be rolled out in phases beginning in late-June, 2015.

Here is a step-by-step to the SEO Dashboard and what actions are need to make sure your content is indexed to get the boost in SEO rankings:

Before you begin, make sure your Tapatalk Plug-In is current.  If you have an old version, you may receive notification that there are mis-match errors between your site and Tapatalk.  Updating teh Plug-in will prevent ant mismatch errors.

Step 1.  Claim your domain

The first step in SEO is to claim your domain on Google Search Console.  Please make sure you claim your domain before you send a verification request.

Step 2.  Request Verification

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.27.45 PM

Once the domain has been claimed on Google Search Console, you can request a verification.  Once you request verification, you will see a Verification Pending status in your SEO Dashboard

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.38.51 PM

Within a week you will receive a verification request through Google Search Console.

Step 3:  Approve Verification

Here is sample request from Google Search Console:


The verification request will be for a sub-domain, for example, http://community/forum.   The content in Tapatalk is your forum content and not the content of your entire site, and that is why the verification request will be a sub-domain.

Don’t worry about being “penalized” by Google for duplicate content.  Google wants to make sure the content in the app matches the content in your domain.

Go ahead and click approve – and you content will be indexed

Step 3 (B) Website Not Claimed

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.20.06 PM

Oops.  If you see the website unclaimed, please double check Google Search Console that your domain is in fact claimed.

If your site is claimed, go back to Step 2 and re-request verification.

Step 4 – Confirmation

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.46.08 PM

Once we receive communication back from Google that the verification has been approved and indexed, your dashboard will be updated with a Verification Complete message.  You now know that your content has been indexed by Google and you will begin to benefit from the boost in SEO rankings.