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logo-lightAs more and more  teams start to land in Brazil this week for World Cup 2014, online forums worldwide are buzzing with discussions about anticipation, predictions, and rivalries.

With only a few more days to go, all the initial provisional squads have been trimmed down to the final 23 players set to compete. Player fitness and injuries have been analyzed and factored in to this intricate process. As the teams go through their final preparations ahead of the big kick-off in Sao Paulo each team’s final 23 players can focus on preparation for the grueling competition ahead of them.

Also the final draw has been announced and the resulting groups are sure to spur some interesting analysis on your favorite sports forums.

These are some forums discussing world football and World Cup 2014 to get your started:

BigSoccer – (English)

Fanforum-Deutschland – (Deutsche)

HuddleBoard – (English, registration required)

FOROCHE – (Spanish)

Bahisklavuz – (Turkish)

Solobari – (Italian)

These are just a few of our top sports forums. Please feel free to add your favorite forum for discussing world cup news in the comments section!

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