Introducing BYO 5

BYO 5 – Here Soon! 

Some new features, some features changing, more frequent updates

BYO is a core product to Tapatalk; we would like to take this opportunity to update you on our plans for enhancing BYO and thank you for your continued support.

Over recent months, the BYO product has fallen behind in adding features that are included in the traditional Tapatalk app and we are aware there have been limited updates recently. We have been slow to update since there are a few BYO features, used by 20% or less of our BYO clients, that make updating the app a compatibility challenge in a rapid and ever-changing SDK world with constantly moving goal posts. These features take the majority of our time to maintain and update which provide distraction to BYO’s evolution and core. In order to better serve the majority of BYO clients, we are making changes to some features to improve maintenance to the product for the greater good!

Changing Features

AdMob Support

When we first launched BYO, there were limited number of monetization options and most clients wanted AdMob support.  (Actually, most wanted AdSense, but AdSense can’t be used in an app).  The new BYO app will no longer going to support AdMob in Tapatalk.  DFP is a far superior option, and we will continue to support DFP tags.

Comscore and Quantcast Analytics Support

With extremely limited number of BYO clients using either comScore or Quantcast Analytics, we will be removing both features and focus on better Google Analytics support. BYO’s Google Analytics support will include both basic user and session tracking; and will also include thread level tracking.

Rate Us Support & Full Screen Interstitials (DFP and Admob)

Based on very low usage rates, we will be removing these two features from upcoming BYO versions.

New Features

By deprecating the above features, we can now begin to incorporate some new features in the BYO app and provide the majority a better service.  These new features include:

Trending Tab

One of the most popular features in Tapatalk app is our Trending Topics tab.  We will begin to offer Trending Topics for BYO apps so your members can quickly see the hottest topics in your forum. You will have the option to either change the default name, or completely hide it from users. This feature is only available for sites that also publish in Tapatalk.

Registration Feature with Custom Fields Support

The new BYO app will support Custom Fields support in User Registration.  Custom Fields allow you to request additional fields for user to enter during registration process, such as the model of his car, birthday, etc. – removing the current requirement to use External Registration Process for this purpose.

Submission to App Stores

We also understand that the app store process can be a challenge.  We formalized a relationship with our partner, Total Web Systems that can help with the uploading your BYO app to Apple App Store or Google Play.

We have arranged for Total Web Systems to provide AppStoreUpload Assistance and have negotiated a 25% discount for their services for adopters of our BYO technology. Use Discount Coupon TAPA25 with AppStoreUpload before December 31st 2015 to to take advantage of this offer.

Currently in BETA, the new major milestone BYO 5 app utilises the latest and greatest from the ever-popular Tapatalk iOS codebase. Within the next 4-6 weeks, it should be ready for general release.

Your feedback, issues & suggestions are welcomed in the following thread:

We hope you like BYO 5 and thank you for supporting Tapatalk and the BYO app.

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