Email Privacy Policy

At Tapatalk, we understand the importance of maintaining the privacy of members data, and in particular, privacy of email data, and we wanted to take an opportunity to Tapatalk’s email data usage and security.

Registered Tapatalk Users

We want to be clear that we never have, and never will, divulge or sell any emails. Any emails sent to registered Tapatalk Users will always include an unsubscribe link and our mailing address.  Additionally, Tapatalk Users can manage their email preferences in app by going to Me>Settings>Email Notifications.

Beta Programs – Tested and Ended

Earlier this year, we did test a couple of Beta programs to drive members back to your forums.  We recently ended all email related programs because they did not have the hoped for success metrics in terms of open rates and CTR back to forums.   There were two Engagement Email programs:

  • Trending Topics Newsletter: A newsletter sent to all registered members of the community with trending topics from the previous week, with links back to the forum.  Only sites that asked to participate in the Beta program received the newsletters.
  • “You Got Emails”  –  An email to members if they received a like, or if they were quoted, with a link back to your forum, to supplement existing forum email notification features.

The “You Got” emails were sent to sites that asked to participate in the Beta, and we also tested in eight countries (non-US, non-EU, and non-Oceania).  For these eight countries,  a notification email was sent to all site admins explaining the test, with instructions how-to opt-out.  

Any email sent with these two programs included unsubscribe link.  And these two Beta programs have been retired, and subsequently the encrypted email information deleted.

One additional note.  There was a human error that caused three forums to be incorrectly added to the Beta program.  As soon as we found about the error, the engagement emails ceased, and all emails were deleted.  

The admin console and the plugin implementation have been updated to reflect the termination of the Beta programs.  

We understand concerns around email privacy and happy to address any other concerns or questions.  

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