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Chat Rooms in Tapatalk

More time is spent on mobile devices on messaging apps than any other category apps.  According to a report in Flurry, time spent on messaging apps is roughly 2X the time spent on game apps, the second place category.  The popularity of messaging on mobile devices makes sense. The phone seems designed for short, quick messages.  And messaging, in the form of shoutboxes, have also been part of the forum ecosystem for many  years.


As some of you may know, Tapatalk has been testing Chat Rooms in the Tapatalk app for a few months.  And for forums with chat rooms, we have seen activity (measured by sessions) in the forum increase by an average of 22%.  Chat rooms help to drive activity back to your sites.  Tapatalk helps to drive users from the chat rooms to your forums by posting links to trending topics back to your site.

Chatroom Controls

We recently added Chatroom controls in your Tapatalk Dashboard.  When you login to the Tapatalk Dashboard>Site Settings you will have the following options:

You have full control over:

  • On/Off – you can control if you want the chat feature on or off for your forum
  • Members Only – You can limit the chat room to registered members only


App-Level Moderation Controls

All members with moderation credentials will be able to moderate chat room. If you are the admin of the forum, once you login to your forum using Tapatalk, you will be automatically assigned as Admin  of the Chat Room, with ability to 1) remove any Tapatalk users from the room 2) delete messages, 3) assign new moderators and 4) advanced features such as deleting all messages from the room.

Content Ownership

f a Chat Room is associated to your forum, you own the content.  We’ve built the Group Chat infrastructure on Google Cloud and we are actively working on a way to let forum owners to host the Chat Room under your Google Cloud account. While this feature is currently not available, we plan on providing that option in near future.

Chat Rooms and BYO (branded apps)

While chatrooms are not currently available in our BYO apps, this is a feature we will be adding in the next 3 months.  And the chat room settings in the Tapatalk Dashboard will eventually apply to both the BYO app and the Tapatalk app.

Login to your Tapatalk dashboard and take a look at your new chat room settings.  We encourage you to see if the chat rooms help to build your community and help drive additional traffic back to your forum.

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