BYO Update Lower Price. No more app store submissions.

BYO Update. Lower Price. No more app store submissions.

We saved the best news of the year for our last newsletter of the year.   We have been listening to feedback on ways to improve the BYO program, the program that offers you a branded app for your site.  We heard two themes; make BYO less expensive and also make it easier to manage app store submissions.   Based on that feedback, we are announcing changes that make BYO far more affordable and easier to submit/update.

Introducing Premium – $10/mo.

We understand that BYO had two pain points: 1) cost and 2) hassle of submitting/updating the app through the app stores (plus the added cost of the developer licenses from Apple and Google). We’ve eliminated those pain points by centralizing the process, lowering the costs and eliminating the hassle.

With the new Premium option, Tapatalk will submit the your BYO branded app and updates through our developer account. You have all the benefits of the BYO branded app that you control, including:

  • Your name and logo in the app stores (helping to attract new members through App Store SEO)
  • Google App Indexing to improve your SEO rankings by Google (Available January, 2016)
  • Control of advertising through DFP and AdMob
  • WordPress Support
  • Push Notifications
  • Photo & Video Sharing in addition to Attachment support
  • Smart Banner directing members to your BYO app
  • Customization of tabs and colors
  • No need to pay/renew for developer accounts at Apple/Google.

While BYO Premium will be on the Tapatalk developer account, the app and the members are yours. We will never email or contact any users of your BYO app. In the future, if you decide to move to Enterprise tier (see below), you will also be able to request app transfer back to your own developer account.

Enterprise – $40/mo

The Enterprise tier will work as BYO does today.

  • You enjoy all the BYO app features, and Tapatalk will create a binary that you can submit through your developer accounts
  • If you transition to Premium Tier, and later decide that you prefer Enterprise, Tapatalk will transfer the app back to your developer account and you just pay the higher subscription fee for Enterprise.

If you prefer to keep the Enterprise tier, but do not want deal with App Store submissions, you can also elect to use Total Web Systems to assist you. Total Web Systems can provide AppStore Assistance and have negotiated a 25% discount for their services for adopters of our BYO technology. Use Discount Coupon TAPA25 with AppStore Upload before March 30, 2016 to to take advantage of this offer.

For both tiers, we do require that your forums also publish your forum in Tapatalk. We fully expect that you will direct your members to your BYO app, but we also want people to discover your great content in Tapatalk. And if you want to minimize exposure in Tapatalk, we also provide the ability to check “Do Not Promote” and your content will not be indexed in Tapatalk.

New DFP Options and AdMob Support

We also heard that you wanted more options for ad placements. We now offer four DFP ad options, including a 320X50 at top of the screen and a 300X250 at the bottom of the screen to maximize revenue. (And you can also serve the same ads when your content is viewed in Tapatalk.)

We also are going to include AdMob support.  While most people really wanted AdSense support, Google will not serve AdSense in an app. Instead, Google provides AdMob as a solution.  The AdMob support will be finalized by the end of this year

DFP and AdMob support applies to both the BYO apps, and to your content viewed in Tapatalk.

Premium Tier BYO available early January

We are busy preparing changes to the Tapatalk Dashboard to enable processing of the new BYO premium app.  We plan to launch before mid-January.  As soon as we are ready to launch, we will send an update.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2016

We want to take a moment to thank all of you for allowing the members of your forum and/or blog to access your content on Tapatalk.  We wish you a Happy Holiday season and a Healthy and Successful 2016.  We appreciate your support and promise to continue to work hard to earn your business.

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